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Police Clearance Certificate

A Police Clearance Certificate is a certificate that is issued by the Zambia Police to clear anyone of criminal record. This certificate would indicate whether someone committed a criminal offence or not. The certificate would give details of such an offence if any, and when it was committed including the outcome of the offence from the court.

Who requires a Police Clearance Certificate

• For employment purposes. In most cases, the employer would require their employees to be cleared by the police before being confirmed into full time employment.
• Registration of societies. It’s a requirement for those registering societies to be issued with police clearance certificates.
• Board of directors.
• Firearm holders.
• In most cases when travelling outside the country.


Fingerprints can be taken (lifted) from any police station within Zambia and outside the country.
The Fingerprints then need to be sent to Zambia Police Headquarters in Lusaka at Fingerprints Department where the screening is done.
Upon screening, the fingerprints are then sent to Criminal Records Office (CRO) within Headquarters for name search.
The process usually takes a period of five working days upon submission. Thereafter, the police clearance certificate can be collected.
• Police Clearance Certificate outside Zambia for Zambians is K530.00, while non Zambians outside the country are required to pay K796.00.
• Zambians within Zambia is K56.00, while K530.00 is for non Zambians staying in Zambia.
• Registration of societies is K222.00.
• Board of directors is K112.00.
• Zambians travelling abroad is K112.00.