Office of commissioner for refugees

The Office of the Commissioner for Refugees is a designated Department which is responsible for the control and management of Refugees and Asylum Seekers using the Refugee (Control) Act of 1970 CAP 120 of the Laws of Zambia.


To provide protection and assistance to all Asylum seekers and Refugees in order to contribute to their general welfare and maintenance of internal security.

Functions of the Department

  • To effectively and efficiently coordinate Refugee hosting activities in the country to ensure that Refugees are well protected;
  • To ensure that only genuine Refugees are granted refugee status in the country so that the institution of asylum is not abused;
  • To ensure that Refugees are assisted to be self-sufficient and are able to integrate with the local communities so as to ensure their self-sustenance;
  • To review the Refugee Control Act in order to conform to changing circumstances;
  • To effectively and efficiently promote public awareness on the plight of Refugees to reduce xenophobia;
  • To effectively manage and efficiently utilize logistical support services and materials for the efficient operations of the unit; and

To maintain an effective and efficient information management system for easy retrieval of information and provision of quality services