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About the Ministry

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is a Government Institution charged with the responsibility of providing and maintaining internal security in order to promote sustainable socio-economic development for the people of Zambia.

To provide and maintain the internal security, the Ministry is charged with the following functions which include:

  • Anti- Human Trafficking;
  • Anti-Terrorism;
  • Arms and Ammunition;
  • Crime Prevention and Control;
  • Drug and Psychotropic Substances;
  • Forensic Science Services;
  • Home Affairs Policy;
  • Immigration and Deportation;
  • Law and Order;
  • Money Laundering;
  • National Archives;
  • National Registration, Passport and Citizenship;
  • Preservation of Public Security;
  • Prisons and Correctional Administration;
  • Asylum and Refugees;
  • Protection of Places and Areas;
  • Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths; and
  • Registration of Societies.


To provide and promote quality internal security services in order to create a safe, secure and peaceful environment for sustainable socio-economic development for all.



The objectives of the Ministry are as follows:

  1. To manage and develop human resources in order to improve organizational performance;
  2. To provide logistical, financial and administrative support in order to enhance operations of the Ministry;
  • To develop and manage an integrated information management system in order to enhance operational efficiency;
  1. To provide policy and legal frameworks in order to respond to emerging internal security challenges;
  2. To plan, monitor and evaluate the implementation of Ministerial policies, plans and programmes in order to ensure attainment of set objectives;
  3. To promote regional and international cooperation in order to enhance internal and regional security;
  • To plan and research on emerging security issues in order to provide information for effective decision making;
  • To facilitate, regulate and control migration in order to contribute to internal security;
  1. To provide national identification and travel documents to citizens and residents in order to contribute to national security;
  2. To manage public records, printed publications and archives in order to preserve national memory and contribute to internal security;
  3. To register and regulate societies in order for them to exist and operate legally;
  • To provide protection and assistance to all asylum seekers and refugees in order to contribute to their general welfare and to the maintenance of internal security;
  • To investigate complaints against Law Enforcement Agencies in order to contribute to the promotion of justice;
  • To prevent crime in order to create a safer environment;
  1. To detect crime in order to bring perpetrators to justice;
  • To provide humane custodial services, rehabilitate and reintegrate inmates in order to contribute to internal security;
  • To prevent and control supply and demand of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in order to contribute to the maintenance of internal security; and
  • To prevent and control money laundering activities in order to protect the economy of the country.

To effectively and efficiently discharge its functions, the Ministry has the following Departments and Statutory Bodies: Zambia Police Service, Zambia Correctional Service, Drug Enforcement Commission, Department of Immigration, Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship, Registrar of Societies, National Archives of Zambia, Office of the Commissioner for Refugees, Police Public Complaints Commission, National Forensic Science Authority, Anti-Terrorism Centre, Human Resource and Administration, Home Affairs Research, Planning and Information Department.