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Press Statement On Need For Public Order As Trading Activities Resume Gradually In The City Of Lusaka

It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Home Affairs that Individuals who are neither Street Vendors nor Marketers, are trying very hard to disrupt the programme of all persons in Zambia trading in recognised markets, with appropriate sanitary facilities embarked on by the Ministry of Local Government. The conditions that trading places have to meet to operate legally put in place by the Ministry of Local Government are in accordance with the Public Health Act. They must therefore be observed by everyone wishing to trade in Zambia. Those pretending to champion the cause of law abiding street vendors and marketeers cannot deceive the Government, because we have been working with Street Vendors and Marketeers prior to and since 2011. They have a very proactive Association and Market Committees respectively, which are engaged in matters to do with trading in the city. The Government is also in possession of complete records of street vendors and marketeers. Genuine Street Vendors and Marketeers, therefore, should not panic, because they are well represented on the allocation committees and would in due course be allocated trading places in the designated markets. Those wishing to ferment public disorder by pretending to speak for the Street Vendors and Marketeers are clearly wasting their time. The law enforcement agencies shall isolate them and deal with them severely in accordance with the law. 2 The Zambia Police Service and other law enforcement agencies shall henceforth deploy adequate officers on the ground, to ensure that those who wish to disturb public order are identified and dealt with severely in accordance with the law. In the same vein, all foreign nationals who trade illegally on our streets and markets must leave the country on their own accord. We are not going to condone their illegal activities any more. The Immigration Department shall therefore be involved in the allocation of trading spaces to ensure that only Zambians and foreign nationals in the country legally are allocated trading places in the markets. Zambians who lease trading spaces to foreigners without legal status would forfeit their trading places and be dealt with in accordance with the law. Finally, I would like to appeal to all law abiding citizens to stay calm and report any persons violating the laws, including inciting public disorder and trading in undesignated places to the law enforcement agencies. We must all work together to make our cities and towns healthy and conducive for trading and enhancing prosperity.


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