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Dual Citizenship In Zambia

Distinguished members of the press, ladies and gentlenmen, i am sure you recall that on 5th january, 2016, his excellency the president of the republic of zambia mr. Edgar chagwa lungu, assented to the constitution amendment act which, among other things provides for dual citizenship. Since then, many people who had ceased being zambians because of having acquired other nationalities have been seeking dual nationality. In the absence of regulations governing the acquisition of dual citizenship this has not been possible. Members of the press i am pleased to announce that, we now have the regulations, which have been published as statutory instrument number 50 of 2017. Accordingly, we are now in a position to process applications for dual citizenship. The regulations provide for procedures and fees required for application and subsequent acquisition of dual citizenship. Members of the press now that the regulations are in place, those wishing to have dual citizenship should do the following: (i) citizens of zambia who wish to acquire citizenship of another country must notify the chief passport and citizenship officer or the nearest zambian mission after successfully acquiring the other citizenship; (ii) persons who ceased to be zambian citizens as a result of acquiring citizenship of another country, but wish to become zambian citizens again, should apply to the citizenship board of zambia for bestowal; (iii) persons whose citizenship has been bestowed will be required to present a certificate of bestowal of citizenship to the national registration section of the department of national registration, passport and citizenship for issuance of a green national registration card; (iv) all those wishing to have dual citizenship should thoroughly read the guidelines and understand the requirements of dual citizenship. Members of the press, allow me to also clarify the methods of acquiring zambian citizenship. The constitution of zambia, under article 34 prescribes four methods, namely: i) by birth; ii) by decent; iii) by registration; and iv) byadoption. Finally those who would like more information should consult the office of the chief passport and citizenship officer on all procedural matters relating to dual citizenship.


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